Rich Robert Redford Loves To Make The Poor Pay

Posted: February 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

If you haven’t looked at the pump lately, price is going up again. We’ve had an election and it would be nice it the Keystone pipline could get build. But no wackos like Robert Redford push to shop it. Well the rich don’t like the poor because they love to make them pay more at the pump.

Unless your an environmentalist wacko and have the money for one of those expensive battery powered car, your screwed. You see the poor and the middle class have to drive to work and they have  to pay more for gas. The reality this F’s up the economy. But as we know this won’t stop the left policies of the environmentalist wackos.

Nicely put by Breitbart writer Christain Toto (read here)

It’s easy for Redford, flush with the kind of cash that can pay premium prices for inefficient green energy, to preach to the enviro-choir. Meanwhile, ordinary Americans see their tax dollars fly out the window with Solyndra-like deals and watch other nations capitalize on their homegrown oil resources.

The economy is still in the crapper and we waste a lot of energy on this.

Hows that Hope and Change working for ya?


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