Grab Your Wallets The Progressives Are Coming

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yes we elected Obama and it is time for the Democratic Progressives to take your money. Remember though, these are the people that have not passed a budget in four years so you can surly trust them with your money. This is what they have in store.

The progressive “Gang of Six” wants a tax policy that is “revenue positive,” promotes “responsible corporate behavior,” has “fair rates” for the wealthy, reexamines “expenditures that benefit the wealthy,” protects the poor and elderly, and is a part of a “global system.”

Notice the works in red……truly socialist bullshit. Do your really want politicians determining “fair share” and “fair rates”. That bar will have a sliding scale because the government pig will suck all they can for their agenda. “Global system will suck us into the crap that is going on in Greece, Spain are in right now. DOES GOVERNMENT KNOW HOW TO SPEND YOUR MONEY BETTER THAN YOU DO? Wait a while and China will own all our debt……Nice huh!

Hows that Hope and Change working for ya?

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