MSNBC Is Obama’s Waterboy

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Uncategorized
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When it comes to political coverage MSNBC is in the bag for Obama. The convention coverage in the evening is a Slam-dance against the Republicans. The speech is made and the trashing begins. No balance of hosts, Mathews, Sharpton, Maddow, Schultz, Bashir, Korn all lefties. They either trash the Republicans or make a joke about them. Balance is not in their vocabulary. They have so many “racial code words” they say the Republicans use I can’t count them all.  Mathews even said the words “Chicago or Chicago style politics” are now racial slurs. GIVE ME A BREAK.

When it comes to religion mentioning Reverend Wright was a racial attack but it seems there is a “dark secret” about being a Mormon. Larry O’Donnell can’t help but rip Mormons. Oh yeah ain’t Harry Reid a Mormon, ya got no problem with him, he’s a Democratic Mormon so that’s OK.

MSNBC hit a new low today inferring that Romney got a draft exemption because of his church ministries thus a draft dodger. I don’t remember Mr. Obama serving in the military but that’s not a problem.

There’s a good reason their ratings suck and that is because of their one-sided vitriol. For MSNBC the love fest begins at the Democratic convention. I’m sure President Obama will rain down platitudes of wonderment. He can do no wrong according to MSNBC and it shall be so. Kissing up will be numerous next week.


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