Taking Advantage Of The Unemployed

Posted: August 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Employers are calling all the shots. I just spent 2+ pays doing spec work for a potential employer for no pay. This is happening more and more and it sucks. Jumping through hoops and acting like trained seals. Testing and testing and testing with no response. You interview and send a thank you and never hear from them again. I’m tired of this all I want is a F-ing job. I just want to stop filling out application after application, tons of paperwork, private information going down the black hole of application land and not knowing who sees all this. I just want to put a gun to my head to make it stop…..but I am a coward.

After all this time President Obama has decided to form the “Department of Jobs”. Of course all this will accomplish is more people working for the government in Washington (for the politically connected of course) creating no jobs except union jobs because politicians need the union support and votes. Gosh Mr. President can I work for the Department of Jobs in Illinois? Please!


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