Hope & Change Express

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yes while many Americans struggle, the Obama campaign is out there hustling for money. That’s the change part. Change out of Americas pocket.

“A lot of the news this week has been about our campaign’s fundraising results, but if you watched Messina’s presentation on Wednesday, you heard him say the metrics we’re most focused on are the numbers of people who are building this organization and bringing new supporters into our campaign.
(That’s bucks into our coffers)

This Saturday’s Day of Action is the single biggest milestone yet in that effort. Volunteers in all 50 states will be knocking on doors and registering new voters — doing the organizing work that is the real story of this campaign.”

Oh yeah, I applied for a job with the Obama campaign and now all I get are these damn donation solicitations….no job.

It’s not about Americans, It’s about keeping your phoney baloney job.


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