Damn These Spammers!

Posted: October 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

If I could blow these mother spammers up, I would. What a waste of bandwidth.

“You were referred to me from a reputable source as someone seriously involved in work from home opportunities. (what a pile of crap)

I have a lot of respect for this referral source so I know you could very well be a great asset to our team. (nice lie of course you don’t name them because you can’t)

I always make room for serious, motivated leaders who like achieving $10k to $30k monthly cashflow. (nice lie again)

If I could show you how to begin generating $1,661, ALL_CASH, delivered to your front door DAILY… are you really ready for results? (sure I’m that sucker that’s born every minute)

Boom your gone….oh yeah you’ll be back again and again.


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